Irresistibly cute in size and delightfully delicious, mimsicle cupcakes are perfect for any occasion: birthdays, corporate & charity events, bridal & baby showers, netflix marathons, graduations/retirements, themed parties or other such celebrations where you can delight your guests with an extra festive, decadent treat.

12 cupcakes for $48
24 cupcakes for $96
36 cupcakes for $144

Custom cupcakes are available upon request and priced by design.

Click here for a list of our classic and signature flavours.

to order
416-505-6515 / for all orders & inquiries.

other treats offered
We offer a selection of treats that are custom-made to order for all types of events. For order inquiries please email
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•  mini cupcakes
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•  chocolate bark
•  gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan options